Stone and brickwork pointing that lasts

We provide pointing and repointing services for all kinds of walls and structures.

We use lime mortar to point stonework

What's the point?

A few things to know about pointing

  • Prevent water damage

    Water penetration can quickly cause damage to a wall. Properly pointed joints will keep water out and ensure a strong wall for decades.

  • Let your wall breathe

    Stone will crumble over time if water passes through it. Porous mortar joints draw water away from healthy stonework.

  • Flexibility and strength

    The ground beneath a wall is always moving. Flexible pointing allows a wall to endure these subtle shifts without damage.

Rake and repoint to prevent further damage

If your wall is deteriorating, we can remove old mortar and repoint using the right mortar and proper technique. Professional repointing can often prevent the need for future structural work.

Getting the look you want

Pointing can transform the appearance of stonework. Tell us the style you want, and we'll use a pointing technique to achieve it.

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