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Private homeowners

Gate posts

Private properties are where we do most of our work. We have experience working with garden designers and landscapers, building walls, features and other structures to a clients design specifications. Typical jobs include – putting in place raised beds of varying shape, retaining walls and steps to transform difficult to use sloping gardens and building seating areas and benches that sit in harmony with their surroundings.

We realise that most of our clients will not be using designers and landscapers and have not built many stone walls in their time, which is why we are always happy to offer our professional guidance to help them determine exactly what they want or need. We have over 25 years experience designing, building and restoring all kinds of stone structures to suit our client's needs. Whatever your plans or ideas for your next project we would be pleased to talk to you about your options.

Drystone Walling
Drystone walling

Boundry Walls, Retaining Walls, Raised Beds

Stone Features
Stone features

Steps, Pillars, Gate Posts, Water Features, Fire-pits

Stone Buildings
Stone building

Houses, Garages, Barns, Summer Houses

Stone Paving
Paving and Landscaping

Natural & Indian Stone, Crazy Paving, Cobbles

Private Homeowners
Private homeowners

Boundary Walls, Garden Features, Driveways

Country Estates
Country estates

Statley Homes, Manors, Gardens, Estates

Public sector

Buildings, Public Sector, Canalside, Waterways

Insurance Work
Insurance work

Insurance Claims,
Damaged Stone Work