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Drystone walling

Building stone wall

With its distinct character and strong visual impact the age old technique of stone walling remains as popular today as ever and due to its versatility it can be used to enhance both traditional and more modern developments.

Traditional dry stone walls are not only maintenance free, and will last many years longer than alternative methods, they are often seen as an investment due to the value and appeal they add to a property.

We have over 25 years experience designing, building and restoring stone walls to suit our client's specification and match the local or regional style. Where a new wall is to be commissioned we are happy to source the appropriate stone and design a wall to suit your needs. Special features can be incorporated into our design such as cheek ends, smoots or lunkies (passages through the wall for animals or water), corners, steps, seats, stiles etc… We are happy to work with and develop any ideas you have.

Drystone Walling
Drystone walling

Boundry Walls, Retaining Walls, Raised Beds

Stone Features
Stone features

Steps, Pillars, Gate Posts, Water Features, Fire-pits

Stone Buildings
Stone building

Houses, Garages, Barns, Summer Houses

Stone Paving
Paving and Landscaping

Natural & Indian Stone, Crazy Paving, Cobbles

Private Homeowners
Private homeowners

Boundary Walls, Garden Features, Driveways

Country Estates
Country estates

Statley Homes, Manors, Gardens, Estates

Public sector

Buildings, Public Sector, Canalside, Waterways

Insurance Work
Insurance work

Insurance Claims,
Damaged Stone Work