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Stone mason pillars

Consall Hall is a privately owned estate boasting 70 acres of stunning landscape gardens. Mr William Podmore has dedicated 50 years of his life to the mammoth task of creating this breathtaking landscape and in recent years AH Stone Walling were proud to be given the responsibility of restoring existing walls and building a number of stone features throughout the grounds.

We were contracted to design and build follies of varying scale and intricacy whilst remaining in keeping with the surroundings. As the gardens were to be opened to the public, it was paramount that we ran a professional operation while keeping the safety of the public in mind both in the quality of our work and professionalism of our practice.

Due to the vision and dedication of Mr Podmore his creation has enjoyed continual publicity throughout newspapers and garden magazines. In 2007 the gardens were featured on BBC Television's 'Open Garden' programme and ITV Central's 'Country Live' both of which we were proud to see our work displayed on.

Mr Podmore expressed his satisfaction for the work completed at Consall Hall and as a result we continue to enjoy an ongoing business relationship with him and his team - since our initial contract we have been commissioned to build many other features throughout the gardens.

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